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G4L Academy Business

Group4Layers Academy for business will allow you to outsource the training of your team to take them to the next level of your team to take them to the next level of technological and software development skills.

Our training courses will enable your team to face projects with modern and efficient technological stacks, improve productivity in their tasks, automate complex processes or optimize existing product line architectures, among others.

Although the courses were initially designed for companies with advanced needs, our degree of specialization and mastery of the subjects taught, together with the needs of some of our clients, has made it possible for us to also build and offer courses that do not require previous knowledge. In this way, we are able to offer and adapt the content to the level of knowledge required by our applicants.

All the programs we offer have a continuous learning approach supported by practical content, content structured from generalization to specialization and generally with a progressive increase of difficulty in the activities. In addition, based on special needs, we can offer consulting combined with training, so that you have our support and mentoring throughout, while auditing your training needs and offering tailored material.

For special needs that require addressing real problems within your organization, we can create training packages at competitive prices, making a combined educational program that meets the multiple training needs and exploratory aspects of your business.

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