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The fastest and most popular image processing library in the Erlang/Elixir ecosystem

The real-time download charts on this web page are not broken. We simply have so much popularity worldwide that the other libraries are not represented on this scale.
Elixir is a modern, functional and concurrent programming language powered by the Erlang VM
We have developed the most popular library for image processing of the entire Elixir ecosystem. ExImageInfo is used by many companies and projects, being a reliable reference of stability to be used in any software.
Library versionGitHub starsMost used language
Thanks to our low response times in the development of new improvements and features, as well as the recognition in good software development practices, the new versions are very well received.
Code coverageTestsDocs quality
Thanks to our implementation efforts, it has the greatest support for image formats and is the fastest library. Despite being newly initiated in functional programming in 2017, our efforts and knowledge in other areas and languages allowed us to develop a really efficient code with promising design decisions. Since it was published there has been no other library capable of surpassing us, ranking ExImageInfo in first position.
It arises as a result of a project requested by one of our clients. Among all the modules developed, we distinguish ExImageInfo by its possibilities of reuse by third parties. With the permission of the client to release it as open source, we prepared carefully and publish it, contributing to the philosophy of Group4Layers.
Group4Layers can help you
Do you need us to develop a high-performance, efficient library that guarantees the best results for your product? Would you like us to analyze and optimize your own software?

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